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Most species of mold grows between 66-88F. If you do not properly remediate a water problem you may end up noticing an offensive musty, mildew type of smell around your home or place of business. This odor you are smelling is known as MVOC's (Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds). Mold is living microorganisms that eat organic building material and can consume a structure if left untreated and possibly make you sick. Mold issues are generally from high humidity or untreated water damage problems. Without water and a food source mold can not grow or reproduce. An untrained professional should not try to remove any more than 10sq ft of mold. Microbial spores are very light and can easily be spread throughout a structure by entering an HVAC system if improper remediation techniques and practices are not followed. Please do not use bleach to try to fix any microbial issues you may be experiencing. When bleach dries it forms an leaves an invisible residue that actually gives mold more food to thrive on, plus bleach contains a good amount of water so you are doing nothing more then feeding your mold problem. Bleach also causes decay of organic building materials as modern antimicrobial solutions do not.