What to do and what not to do after a fire


Do not make an attempt to wash any walls or clean any contents without contacting a Speedy Detail Contractor first. Proper techniques, equipment and special deodorizers are used to restore your structure and belongings. Using improper chemicals or methods could cause soot and smoke odors to further penetrate into building materials and items or cause staining or a number of other issues.

Do not try to have any carpet or upholstery cleaned until inspected by a Speedy Detail Contractor.

Do not try to use or clean any type of electronics, they may have been damaged by the fire and could possibly short out and cause another fire later down the line. We usually have an authorized electronics restoration company come out to inspect and clean any electronics.

Do not send any clothes to a dry cleaner, improper cleaning can set stains and odors from a fire. We use a textile restoration company that specializes in the cleaning of clothes and textiles that have been in a fire, water or mold loss.

Please do not consume any food that was on the property during the time of the loss. The food may be contaminated and could possibly cause illness.


Try to stay out of the affected areas until you contact a Speedy Detail Contractor

Wear an N95 Approved respirator to avoid breathing in harmful soot and particulate if you must be in the home or building. Soot is carcinogenic (Cancer Causing) so children, elderly and people with respiratory issues should not remain in the structure.

If it is safe to access the power distribution panel, shut off the circuit breakers to wet or affected areas.

Leave the HVAC system off but change the filter in it until a trained professional can check the system. The HVAC system could spread soot throughout the structure into unaffected areas causing more damage if turned on.

Taping cheesecloth over air registers can help stop soot particles from spreading around.

By limiting the movement in the property we can help stop spreading soot and smoke odors from being embedded into the carpet and furniture.

Wearing gloves and keeping your hands clean while being in the structure after the fire can help prevent further soiling walls, upholstery and contents. The natural oils from your fingers could cause staining on surfaces. Plastic “Tvek” coveralls will insure you keep your clothes clean and can be purchased from home depot or similar stores.

If the home or building doesn’t have heat, and it's winter time. Make sure to either obtain temporary heat or have the plumbing winterized to avoid frozen and burst pipes which will cause much more damage and expense.

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