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Having a clean home or work environment has been proven to improve peoples mood. They say you only have one chance at making a great first impression, and here at Speedy Detail we believe that. If your carpet, furniture or tile & grout needs to be freshened up, we are here to help. Regular maintenance cleanings can improve the IAQ (indoor air quality) and help extend the life of your flooring or furniture.  Most people do not realize that dirt and soil is abrasive, think of it as sandpaper. The longer you wait and the more dirt and grime you let buildup the more wear and tear you are causing. After enough neglect your carpet will start to show traffic lanes which means the face of the fiber has worn down from the dirt and no longer reflects like properly back to the eye . Mopping tile & grout is not enough to keep it clean, mopping spreads dirt and bacteria around and allows it to get caught and sit in the grout lines. Overtime not having regular tile & grout cleanings can cause grout deterioration. Grout is porous and soil is absorbed into it at about 1-2mm a year, wait long enough between cleanings and you will eventually need new grout. We use a high pressure vacuum rotary extraction tool to steam clean your tile & grout with 1000 psi 225F degree water. This allows us to remove all contamination from the grout.

- Carpet Cleaning & Protecting
- Dry Carpet Cleaning
- Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning
- Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing
- Sewage & Biohazard Cleanup

- Concrete Cleaning

- Vacuum Recovery Pool Deck Cleaning
- Post Construction Cleanup
- Auto & RV Interior Steam Cleaning
- Disinfection Cleaning
- Vinyl Floor Strip & Waxing  

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